French Answers to Questions (F.A.Q.)
You always wanted to know more about Petit Pot, and now you can!
What is Petit Pot?

Petit Pot is a French dessert company specializing in pots de crème, riz au lait, and other desserts coming soon :)


Check out our story here!

How do you pronounce Petit Pot?

/ˈpetē / po/ or “peh tee poh”

In French, the last consonant is dropped.


If you get a chance to meet our Petit Ambassadors in your favorite grocery store, let them know you know how to pronounce “Petit Pot”! They’ll test you and if you pass, we’ll give you some Petit Swag ;)

Where can I find Petit Pot desserts?

Yay! We have a dedicated page to answer your question => find a list of our online retailers + a map of our stores here!

What is a pot de crème?

Dating to the Middle Ages, a pot de crème (English: pot of cream) is a loose French dessert custard traditionally served in small containers or jars, which is what we use. It nearly shares the same texture of a simple pudding, only thicker and creamier.

How do you eat a pot de crème?

We find that using a spoon (or your finger) is the most traditional and appropriate method, but if you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend eating our pot de crème with your favorite treats. We recommend trying fruit (like bananas or apple slices) to dip, or some cookie crumbs as a topping for your pot de crème.

How is a pot de crème made?

Once all the ingredients are weighed, we heat up the milk, cream and solid ingredients (sugar and salt). When the temperature is high enough, we add the eggs and the specific flavorings of each pot de crème such as our dark chocolate or our California lemon juice. After cooking for an additional few minutes, the crème is poured into glass jars and rushed into our fridges to be refrigerated and cooled. And voila!

Are your desserts organic?

Our pots de crème are USDA Organic certified by CCOF.

Are your desserts gluten free?

Our pots de crème are naturally gluten free, and for added peace of mind we always ensure they stay that way.


What ingredients do you use?

We only use premium ingredients, and always add a dash of love. For more details, refer to our desserts pages where our ingredients list is detailed.

Are your products pasteurized ?

Yes, all the ingredients we use are pasteurized (Milk, Cream, Eggs, etc…)

Are you going to expand into other dessert products?

Yes! We currently sell pots de crème and riz au Lait (Petit Pot)  and want to expand to more tasty treats in the upcoming months.

Are your desserts unhealthy?

They should not be! We believe in the good that comes from treating yourself in moderation, and from eating good products made with as few ingredients as possible – ingredients you know and can picture. Each pot de crème is portioned out to 1 serving, about the equivalent to 1 serving of ice cream.

When is the best moment to eat a pot de crème?

There is never a bad moment to eat a pot de crème; in the morning, right after lunch, a midday snack, after dinner, for a late night craving… You can never go wrong with these tasty treats!

Is the jar reusable?

Yes! And we’d love to hear your ideas on how to reuse our jars! Email us at Be sure to also follow us on Instagram for neat ways to reuse our jars or send us a picture of how you reuse yours via direct message for a chance to be featured on our profile!

What do the numbers on the bottom of the jars mean?

Those numbers represent the number of Petit Pot desserts you need to eat per week to keep the doctor away ;)

Do you miss France at all?

Sometimes, but home isn’t just where you’re born; it’s where you make it!

Why did you move to California?

The real question is: why not sooner? California is amazing!

What initiatives do you take to remain environmentally conscious?

We strongly believe in reducing waste which is why we serve our pots de crème in glass jars that can be easily reused or recycled. Even within our kitchen we make sure to recycle whatever can be recycled and compost whatever can be composted.

Does the Petit Pot logo have a name?

Yes, his name is Louis. We’ll tell him you said hi.

Can I buy your products online?

You can buy our products online on our shop page
Orders ship every Monday and Wednesday. Once shipped, you should receive your order within 2 to 3 days. Shipping is available to mainland U.S. States only. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to P.O. Box addresses.

How do we ship the products from our online store?
We send your sweet package in a USPS Medium Flat Rate box which is a 2 to 3 days shipping service.
The products need to be put in the fridge when received as it is refrigerated products.
They are packaged in some insulated box liner made from recycled cotton panels encased in oxo-biodegradable LDPE cover, 100% recyclable at Designated Recycling Centers. We also add some reusable ice packs (You are definitely welcome to put them back in your freezer and to use them when you go camping for example ;)
How often does the Petit Pot team eat pots de crème?

Too often – we prefer not to think about it.

How can we meet you / taste your desserts?

The best way is to come say hi during a demo in store or event! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we list any upcoming events or demonstrations. If you are interested in visiting our kitchen in Emeryville, send us an email at We cannot always guarantee availability, but we occasionally invite small groups to visit our space. Let us know if you’d like to arrange a tour!

When are you going to expand to my region / to the entire country?

We’d love to see our desserts in every gourmet store in the US. It’s going to take us some time, but we’ll get there! If you want to help us get in your favorite store, email us at and we’ll try to work out a plan!


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