F.A.Q. | Petit Pot

French Answers to Questions (F.A.Q.)

You always wanted to know more about Petit Pot, and now you can!

What is Petit Pot?

How do you pronounce Petit Pot?

Where can I find Petit Pot desserts?

What is a pot de crème?

How do you eat a pot de crème?

How is a pot de crème made?

Are your desserts organic?

Are your desserts gluten free?

What ingredients do you use?

Are your products pasteurized ?

Are you going to expand into other dessert products?

Are your desserts unhealthy?

When is the best moment to eat a pot de crème?

Is the jar reusable?

What do the numbers on the bottom of the jars mean?

Do you miss France at all?

Why did you move to California?

What initiatives do you take to remain environmentally conscious?

Does the Petit Pot logo have a name?

Can I buy your products online?

How do we ship the products from our online store?

How often does the Petit Pot team eat pots de crème?

How can we meet you / taste your desserts?

When are you going to expand to my region / to the entire country?

I have food allergies. How do you manage allergens in your facility?