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Plant-Based Puddings

Enjoy all the delicious, creamy indulgence of our traditional French desserts made with organic coconut milk. Welcome to pudding paradise.

Organic and Dairy free

Plant Based Oatmilk Chocolate

Say bonjour to the latest plant-based offering from Petit Pot! Made with organic oat milk, coconut milk and dark chocolate, this indulgent French dessert will make you come back for more.


Oat milk* (water, oat flour*), Coconut milk*, Dark chocolate*(Cocoa mass*, Sugar*, Cocoa butter*, Natural vanilla powder*), Cane sugar*, Sea salt, Agar. *Organic

Organic and Dairy free

Plant Based Vanilla Rice Pudding

C’est bon, this divinely creamy rice pudding is made with pure Madagascar Vanilla and is 100% plant-based.


Water, Coconut Milk*, Rice*, Cane Sugar*, Vanilla Extract*, Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean Seeds*. *Organic

Pair with:

Fresh Mangoes, Strawberries

Organic and Dairy free

Plant Based Dark Chocolate

Give in to the incredible flavor of organic chocolate goodness. Welcome to plant based bliss.


Water, Coconut Milk*, Dark Chocolate* (cocoa mass*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, natural vanilla powder*), Cane Sugar*, Rice Starch*, Agar, Sea Salt. *Organic

Traditional Desserts

Check out our signature line of incredible desserts – all made from traditional French recipes with organic ingredients.

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