2 pots (115g each) Petit Pot rice pudding
2 tbsp arrowroot starch/flour
1/2 cup (60g) all purpose flour
1 tsp vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste


1/4 cup (85g) all purpose flour
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp espresso instant coffee
2 eggs + splash of water (for egg wash)
1 cup (250g) graham cracker crumbs


85g all purpose flour
Vanilla salt to finish*

BUTTER CARAMEL SAUCE - **recipe taken from David Leibovitz linked here

3/4 cup (150g) granulated sugar
6 tbsp (3 oz; 85g) good quality salted butter, cubed
1 cup (250ml) heavy cream, warmed
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tsp flakey sea salt, such as fleur de sel or Maldon

*To make vanilla salt, rub 1 tsp vanilla bean paste or vanilla bean seeds (from a vanilla bean) into 1/4 cup of salt. I use this often to finish sweet dishes - you’ll use it more than you know! 


  • 1

    Mix together the 2 pots of Petit Pot rice pudding, arrowroot starch, 1/2 cup of all purpose flour, and vanilla until well combined using a spatula. You are looking for a thicker consistency but not a complete dough (see above video for reference).

  • 2

    Mix together 1/4 cup all purpose flour with nutmeg, cinnamon, and instant espresso coffee in a smaller sized bowl. In another smaller sized bowl, beat eggs with a fork and add splash of water to make your egg wash. Pour graham cracker crumbs into a third smaller sized bowl.

  • 3

    Pour the canola oil into a large deep pan or 2.5 qt sauce pan and fasten a candy thermometer to the pan. Heat oil to 350F.

  • 4

    While the oil is heating, with a 1 tbsp (15 ml) cookie scoop, scoop the rice pudding mixture and drop into the flour, nutmeg, cinnamon, instant espresso coffee mixture and coat well. Next, drop the floured ball into the egg wash and coat well. Finally, drop into the graham cracker crumbs and coat well.

  • 5

    Carefully drop the coated rice pudding ball into the oil and fry for about 3 minutes until golden brown on all sides, turning over halfway through to ensure even frying and coloration. Work quickly and use a timer if needed. It is best to work in batches of 2-3 to not overcrowd the pan.

  • 6

    Remove and drain on a paper-towel-lined baking sheet with a cooling rack on top to allow excess oil to drip down. Top with the vanilla salt immediately.

  • 7

    Once complete and the arancini are cooling, make the butter caramel sauce. These instructions are taken directly from David Lebovitz’s website: Begin by melting the butter and sugar together in a large saucepan or pot over medium heat, one that will hold at least 4 quarts (4l), but a larger one is recommended, if possible. Continue to cook the sugar and butter together, stirring frequently, until the color is deep golden brown and it starts to smoke. For best results, I cook the mixture until it smells a little smoky, too, but be careful to find the balance between well-browed, and the moment before it's burnt, which is when it's ready to have the cream added. It should be the color of an old copper penny. Immediately remove from heat and gradually pour in the warm cream, stirring constantly, until smooth. Mix in the vanilla and salt.

  • 8

    Serve the arancini alongside this delicious butter caramel sauce and Bon appétit!