French ladyfinger cake

French ladyfinger cake


0.25 oz of unflavored gelatin powder (1 packet)

16 fl oz of whipping cream

2 vanilla bean Petit Pots

1 pack of ladyfingers

Assorted berries

Preparation: 30 mins.

Resting time: 3 hours.

Serves: 12.


  • 1

    Heat half of the cream up until boiling. Add the gelatin powder and mix quickly with a whisk.

  • 2

    Whip the other half of the cream and slowly add the half with gelatin once it's cooled down before adding your vanilla bean Petit Pots.

  • 3

    Place ladyfingers upright in a tight ring around and at the bottom of the cake base.

  • 4

    Spread half of the cream inside the springform, followed by some berries and then the other half of the cream.

  • 5

    Top it with more berries and leave it in the fridge for at least 3 hours before serving.